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Mad Mad World
September 8, 2004

Well, my back has been coming along now and it feels much better. Got a nice card from a UK fan, Sharon. Cheers, Sharon. Sorry, if I am way behind in emailing anyone back; I am just swamped and starting Friday, I have my 5-year-old, Julian, for the next 16 days while his mum is visiting relatives in Europe. But he starts elementary school Thursday so i get to look really proud tomorrow.

A huge thank you for those of you who bought BARSTOOL BLUES and even bigger thanks to those of you who wrote to say you enjoyed it very much. To answer Caryne’s question, I dunno know if i’ll show up in the UK to do a solo thing this year. It’s hard to say because the LOVE schedule is so last minute and hard to pin down that it’s impossible for me to make any long term plans in that area. As a matter of fact, when i wanna know where I am gonna be in 5 weeks i simply ask Torben.

Am hoping to have diaries online everyday for the USA tour, as i know that would be super fun. look for it. may have to bust out the trusty YAHOO emailer from that 2002 USA tour. Been battling the heat wave here in LA for over 3 weeks and also spending time with my girl, Hannah Milman. It was so warm tonight, Hannah and me took a stroll on the boardwalk toward Venice and all you needed was a tee shirt and shorts at 8pm. We stopped off at the Tavern and then came home and watched some tv with Rusty and (my other house mate,) Kate. Tomorrow we gotta drive to some studio in the Valley. God help us all.

Mike Randle


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