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September 11, 2004

I often wondered what happens to music, to groups, to everything and anything we hold dear, near and special. Be it a film, painting, or some incredible talent. I wish I could say I still often wondered. Hmmm…i have been fortunate (or is it misfortune?) enough to meet quite a few heroes or at least people I considered heroes, from playing in LOVE. And I can honestly say that I have walked away disappointed 90% of the time. Why? Well, for beginners, I placed them on these incredible pedestals. But what you find out is that the more fame people achieve, the more insecure they become. And the more insecure they become, the wackier they get. And the wackier they get, the less and less in touch with their art they are.

Of course, this is merely my own observation. But it hurts me to see the EGO take over and ruin great art. But it happens and will continue to happen. Wot can you do, indeed? Hmmm…i find it quite discouraging when, an up-and-coming Brit band (that really deserves more attention than they’re getting) gets slagged off for god knows why, while knuckleheads get treated with kid gloves cause the paper aint got no sense of integrity and simply wanna get drunk and party. They call it reverence but i call it bull_hit. But that’s the way the ball seems to roll. Sod’s law, innit?

I dont know how or friggin why but we are determined to deliver these damn good NEW songs that i truly feel LOVE fans will adore, live, breathe and feel the spirit of. If it’s crap, please SAY IT. i tell you, it aint. i swear to it, that i am 100% true to the cause and the calling, despite certain unreasonable obstacles. And the Andmoreagains/Baby Lems are determined not to let this ship sink in such a sorry way. But if it does (and i aint saying it will), please know, no one gave more than Chap, Pops, Rust and Me. No one.

I have so many incredible memories of rocking aroung the USA and UK (as well as other parts of the world) and, geez, i want those days back again, so bad. We gave more than we thought possible at the Benecassin gig. And despite what shirt i wear, really……………………………………………………………………if you only knew. All i can do is my best, which is all i’ve ever tried to do. And I promise to continue to give my best, whether it be as LOVE, the ANDMOREAGAINS, BABY LEMONADE or MIKE RANDLE. That is, until i feel i want to stop.

Mike Randle


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