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Travails Through The Desert
November 28, 2004

So, me, Laura, Kelley, and Hannah Milman were all packed and set off around 2 pm for Vegas. I had to finish a demo, to which my good pal, Linda Good, sang on (hey, she’s in the TWIGS…buy their records…www.twigs.com ) and then we found out the 10 fwy was shite so we did the 405 to the 5 to the 14 to the 138 to the 18 to the 15. after some serious bumper to bumper, we arrived in LVa round 8pm (6 hours later) but first we had to stop in Hesperia at In And Out Burger (we all had DOUBLE DOUBLES) and then we were doing 70mph the rest of the way there. Once we arrived, we were met by Laura’s Mom, Dori, and we all had some coffee then i had a beer.

we sat around and drank and got jolly n stuff and then hit the hay. The next morning was Thanksgiving and my brother, AJ, called to wish me a happy one. I helped Dori chop veggies for the stuffing and get the bird ready for the serious grubfest. by 4pm, Laura’s brother, Sean, had shown up and by 5pm we were all eatng the traditional American holiday meal. afterwards, Laura, Hannah and me went to Laura’s friends house for deviled eggs (the Diary LOVES deviled eggs like nobody’s business) and then we all got turkey tired and Hannah and me went to sleep about 9pm! Got up the next mornin about 10am and had pecan pie and vanilla ice cream.

phone hasn’t worked or gotten much signal here in vegas for some reason. the weather has been a bit brisk but sunny and clear and nice really for the desert.So around noon me laura and hannah went to a bueaty school for facials, manicures and pedicures; that’s correct, THE DIARY GOT ALL GIRLY! it was GREAT and WAY overdue (my first proper pdicure!). we then headed to Subway for sandwiches and then back to the Kelley’s house for beer and Judge Joe Brown’s show. Nightfall brought the eveing’s plans and so it being friday, us 3 and Laura’s folks went to a bar called the SAND DOLLAR to see the Stoney Curtis band (www.stoneycurtis.net), which features drummer CHARLIE “Cholly Chuckles” GLOVER, who was my first drummer in my first band. When he left my old Mod band, BAD PRESS, in early 1986, he was replaced by none other than a still-in-high-school Rusty Squeezebox.

Charlie, bassist Colby, and guitar virtuoso, STONEY CURTIS, wowed the crowd over with their funky-ish, bluesy rock and Chalie was holding up the background vocals as well as providing stellar drumming and stage humor. Laura started dancin all over the palce and her mom even dragged me out on the dance floor for what would ahve certainly brought back FOOTLOOSE memories. thank goodness the cameras were off, i tell thee. so pints were flowing (and cheap, at $2.50 a pop) out in the desert night. all the bikers were out and even our waitress (who coulda been 70) had a bikini top on…

Laura stayed behind with her pals while me, Hannah and the kelleys went to an irish pub and had grub and pints (the place was called Mc Mullins) and Hannah played her first game of video poker and lost $6 after 5 minutes. we are hoping for better luck on saturday…got back to the house about 3am and hit the sack, thoroughly enjoying my holiday, knowing good and well i would be thrust back -head first – into work in my studio, which i love, but i also try to balance with my personally life and also being a dad. but all in all, it all works out wonderfully well these days but of course it takes up a bunch of my time but it feels like time well spent. Going on holiday in Dallas for Xmas (with Hannah’s family) so i have even less time now (with this holiday!) to meet some deadlines….(help!) but i hope everyone is doing well and that the positives far outweight the negatives.

Mike Randle


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