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The Champagne Of Beers
September 14, 2004

I’m one lucky bloke. I went to RALPH’S today to get some food for dinner and low and behold they had 12-packs of Miller High Life for $6.99. Now, anyone who knows me knows i cannot pass that up. And since I was spending the week at Julian’s house while his mom was away, I didn’t hafta worry about Kate, Jason and Rusty drinking all my beer. So i ast there and watched a boring football game between Greenbay and Carolina. Why are the Packers always so boring? And who cares if the city owns the damn team and that Brett FarVRA has super powers? Play ball, fer cryin’ outloud…

Now, I dont know quite how he does it but my house mate, Jason, does buy SOME beer. But he SEEMS to drink more of OUR beer than his buying of beer. But we like him alot so it’s no sweat. Now Kate, well, she drinks, seems like, New England beer. You know, Sam Adams and all that. Well, she’s from Boston so there you go. Kate likes a mild, nutty coffee like myself. Jason likes a dark roast. But Jason kinda stop drinking coffee. So now it’s just me and Kate in the mornings. Oh, but Kate only makes enough for herself (almost forgot that factoid.) And guess who winds up cleaning the coffee pot? Yep.

And then i check my emails and Daddyo (who went fishing all weekend) caught some nice big ones, which means i gotta be nice to him and Mrs. Daddyo (aka, the lovely miss Traci Green) and drive all the way to their house, which is up in the boonies near the godforsaken San Gabriel Mountains, and beg for fish. And that’s only if they’ll give me some. but see, i confiscated SMOKEY JR., my old BBQ pit, and am taking it back to Santa Monica so we can throw some real grub down, smokey style.

And, as everyone can see, I AM in a much better mood. And it has nothing to do with music or the band but everything to do with friends and readers, who take the time to say nice things and make honest observations. I think i am nearing the 600th diary pretty soon. i’ve lost count but i think, since i started (March 2002), about 2 1/2 years ago, i’ve run the distance on just about everything. And i’m burnt on alot of issues. And i’ve grown. And haven’t we all? I think we did a few hundred shows in that 2 1/2 years. Toured the USA 3 times, Europe 4 or 5 times and toured the UK about a zillion times! Oh, and we got around to those nice folks down under. That’s alot. I hope there are a few more. We’ll have to wait and see. And funny, that BONDS is closing in on his 700th homerun while i’m closing in on my 600th diary. What is it with these round numbers that excite us so much? Explain that and you get the grand prize, i bet.

Mike Randle


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