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Sunday Studio Times
May 17, 2004

Joseph Arthur’s CD “Redemption’s Son”

Got up and got some coffee at the velocity cafe. the woman working was playing the soundtrack from the O.C. and the track that stood out to me was Joseph Arthur’s song…the one about the shores of freedom…beautiful song…if you dig that tune, by all means go get his CD “Redemption’s Son” which is one of my faves. after that i went over to the studio and, thinking i was late, got there only to find out i was early so i went on melrose and kinda went window shopping and stuff for about an hour and then returned back to Scott’s studio. we redid some acoustic guitars and keyboard stuff. I played his Wurlitzer electric piano on 3 tunes and then we edited some stuff down and got several tracks ready for mixing. then we ran into a problem miking my new acoustic and found the best way which was for me to face the OPPOSITE direction of the mics (kids, don’t try this at home!) Actually Kids, DO try this at home. I think the way to go is to make up the rules as you go along. There’s nothing i hate more than the monotony of watching people in studios set up the same, dial in the same EQ and just do all this standard stuff that drives me bonkers. I am impatient, yes, but i think it’s more than that. I want a creative ATMOSPHERE and i think, therein is where the problem is. so many musicians TRY to be creative, as opposed to simply ‘creating.’ So i try to be open to anything and i almost never liek to debate anything. although Scott did suggest i change 1 lyric simply because he feels he has a better lyric. i told him his lyric didn’t ‘feel’ good rolling off my tongue. and that matters to me. but i promised to try it out at home before the next session (i lied. i am not going to do that. i think he knows that…) so then we listened back to what we had so far and just needed a few folks to come and do a couple of things and then the rest will be mixed and mastered and out there for public consumption. also, i am trying to get a 12 bar show for mid July that would have a drummer and a bassist (i know the place is small but we’d make it work) and then also a more ‘extended’ city tour a month after that, depending on the LOVE schedule and wotnots. so when i finished the session i was dead tired. I know the new guy wanted to BBQ but i was too tired really. so i came home and had a beer and read soem mail. got a cool FCUK t-shirt from Manic and also our pal, Michael Shelley, sent me a super cool CD of all his pals (Baby Lem included) that did a CD of his songs for his 40th birthday! hid wife, Jordon, did this behind his back! we cut our song for him at soundcheck in Sheffield back in March. oh, nearly forgot, while we were at the Dodger game, a guy came up to Rusty adn I and said, “Hey, you guys are in Baby Lemonade! You guys rule!” i was certain he was gonna say “LOVE”!!!! well, so i listening to a lot of mixes and then read some more and then finally hit the hay. I think Alia came in late (sometimes she’s in around 3am or later) but i was out like a light. then i woke up at 4am and realised i’d left a candle burning in my room so i put it out and walked into the kitchen (the light was on) and saw a note with a $10 next to it. “Dear Mike, i drank some of your beers so here’s some money…get some more!” but i folded it up and left it with the note saying “Dear Alia, no way! drink up” and with that i climbed (or fell) back into my original slumber…

Mike Randle


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