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The Greatest Love Of All
September 13, 2004

Funny things, these kids. My boy, Julian, is a solid five years and just finished his 2nd day at school. His mum is on holiday so I’ve got the boy till the 26th. Me and him, we bump heads but it’s always ok in the end. I feel happy and good to be around him and to watch him learn and grow. it’s almost like medicine for me. My soul feels soothed, if you will. And I was there on his first day and he looked so proud and happy and he had new friends and it really felt like life was changing for him.

Those feelings and emotions are such a wonderful change from the day-to-day madness that we adults place on our shoulders. So it was good that Jules could, for atleast another 10 years, not have those burdens. The next day (Friday), Hannah and I picked him up from school and we three went to Gilbert’s to celebrate his frist day, whch was the day before actually. Tacos for all! Hannah and I had diet cokes and Jules had a sprite. it was very special, to say the least.

And, as hectic and looney as my life had been over the last month, this was a welcoming ray of sunshine. And I basked in it fully and gorgeously. I had demos to complete and soem writing to do yet, i said ‘sod it’ and spent time with my son and also spent time with the love of my life, my girl. And tonight as i was putting Jules to bed, i read him a story and he looked up and said, “Dad, I love you. ” And, you see, no matter how rude people are to you, no matter how bad you get treated, no matter how many names you get called, NOTHING beats that.

And i thought about my life, how far i’ve come and how far i still have to go. But i had no complaints, or atleast none i could think of. Hanah was returning on the 21 of october and Kose and Troels were flying out on the 22nd of September. Now if we could only get that LOVE train back on the tracks imagine what we might accomplish? and hey, instead of just saying LET’S LOVE ONE ANOTHER, let’s REALLY do it. Whether you like Bush or Kerry or Saddam or Beckham, let’s give each other our space and remember that laughter is a wonderful thing. never forget that. if you ever forget, look no further than a happy child.

Mike Randle


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