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Love For Sale
August 31, 2005

Well it ain’t exactly spring but i did some cleaning up and found some real gems and so i’ve listed them on ebay, which i am told is the new thing as far as selling items online. Go to the link and see for yourself the very cool and RARE stuff i am parting with. Funny thing is i didn’t even know I had this stuff, as it was in a box that was sealed since 1993. I’ve decided to toss in a Love with A.L. tour lamenate as well. And, although i’m on the fence, i could even be persuaded to include a special cd of my fave ‘phone machine rant’, which contains some of the last tour’s best impersonations during those long streches to places like Ifrocombe. Hear for yourself, such great and classic lines like, ” You know who the f*ck this is…Ni**a, go f*ck yourself, that’s whutcha do…” or how about this one: “Ni**a, i’m a stone cold crip.” or my FAVORITE Anthem (maybe it could yours?) ” Hey, it’s A***** L** man, I thought about whatchu said, about that sh*t and man, F*CK YOU, man.” Anyways, that’s something I MAY do for the winner of the bid but be forewarned; this is not for the faint at heart nor the queesie or especially for the easily offended.

Now back to the rarities…this is a nice little collective history, as it’s the 2 singles Baby Lemonade cut with our kid back in the day (93/94) PLUS Baby Lemonade’s very first single (from 93 on Spain label) and a very special RARE lmited edition Sid Barrett EP/single on pink vinyl. What’s neat about the Sid thing is it has the song, “Baby Lemonade” on it! So, we’ve come full circle, ain’t we?

Anyways, keep in mind you can’t hurry loveBAND. 🙂

ps- am still on the diet!
all the best,

Mike Randle


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