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August 31, 2005

Hannah, Chris Purdy and her brother Ben Milman

Going over the first year of the diaries (i have 2 rather dedicated and ruthlessly efficient editors combing over and cleaning up the diaries for my ‘project’) I realised I’m damn near 700. Most of them are pretty silly but some are kinda funny so I try to read only the funny ones.

Chris Purdy, from Dallas’ NOPE, hung out with Hannah and her brother, Ben, when Hannah was there in July for her cousin, Gwen’s, wedding. Gwen married a guy with the last name of Wren so now she’s Gwen Wren. Her maiden name was Rekerdres (pronounced: Recker Dray) so now if she were to hyphenate that last name imagine trying to say that fast. You can’t.

Now, Chris, whom we had Mexican food and beers with last Xmas, along with his wife Angela, sent me his NOPE cd and it kicks booty. He also sent me an email with his choices for favorite tv shows from the 70s and stuff and some of it I agree with but some I think is out there. I think Chris watched too much tv growing up cause he knows a little too much about the Hardy Boys and stuff.

He did make a valid point about how, if it wasn’t for alcohol he probably couldn’t carry on as a musician. Honestly, as usual, is the best policy. I know that nothing beats an ice-cold one after a nice long bike ride in the sun. And a bike ride the other day turned funny.

After i’d had lunch with Bryan McLean’s mum, Lizzy, I was biking home down Ocean Park Blvd. Since there are a bunch of hills i have to deal with I try to work it out so i get the fatherest with the least amount of work. SO what I did was bike west on Pico Blvd to 23rd street (by the Daily Pint pub) and made a left. Took that to Ocean park and then it was down hill all the way. But once I got to Lincoln there was a red light. But I was stopping at Albertonson’s super market anyways so it was no bother, the light n all. BUT, i heard a whistle. it was from a Santa Monica Bike Cop. I was texting Hannah and he said to me,”Pull over” and i said, “i am pulled over” since i was at a stand still. he then started laughing. he was taking the piss! Then he said he accepted bribes and we both started laughing. THEN he said i was glad he didn’t strip seach me and then I got suspicious at Mr. Overly Friendly Cheeky Cop!

After i left the market I decided to go up one of the biggest hills and once i got to the top my legs hurt bad and i was thristy and so hungry i could murder a cow. I stuck to my diet though and even wieghed myself this morning:

169 LBS. I lost 6 pounds! I need to lose 5 more pounds to reach my target of 164 lbs and then i need to keep it there. Fritz in Ohio seems to think that it’s the bike riding keeping me even kiltered, as he’s suspicious about the beer calories i probably comsume. i think he should worry about something REALLY important, like whether or not the Browns are gonna tank this year or not. ( i predict the Raiders will flame out mid season, fire the coach and miss the playoffs.)

Now, if I were President Bush i’d be more than a little pissed off too if people expected me to cancel my fishing trip and fly down to Mississippi and the Gulf Coast and walk through all that mud. it’s terrible what’s happened down there and it makes one wonder why the Governors of those states didn’t tell people to clear out till the day before, even though they had a very good idea friday that a catagory 4 was heading there way.

Well, with millions of people w/o toilets, food, water, diapers and electricity (and in 90F heat with 90% humidity), at least the police had the common sense to arrest and shoot at looters. Your tax dollars at work indeed. I mean, it’s`not like the flood is gonna damage that stuff…now i was thinking, if the police can even MAKE IT to arrest people, why not bring them food and water? the fed. government said they are releasing like a zillion dollars to help. where’s that money going? and what happens in the next few days? and CNN cracks me up that they actually feel the need to ask why dirt poor people who are barely educated that just lost EVERYTHING are stealing food, clothes, water and diapers. the dumb ones are stealing tv and radios. but there’s no electricity. oh well. the smart ones went to casinos and stole the slot machines.

i had no idea we were so vulnerable on the gulf coast. i wonder if al qaeda are kicking themselves thinking, “Allah, why couldn’t WE blow up the levee?” Well, the good thing about Blockbuster now is that you can return your Ossama bin Laden tapes without worrying about late fees…am i stupid or is Bush pretending he doesn’t know anything about Oil?

I don’t know about y’all but I am dead sick of the reality shows. they are out of hand and one can only pray for their demise. but will the reality ‘stars’ ever really go away? it’s like Hollywood Sqaures gone looney.
all the best,

Mike Randle


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