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Post-It Note… 
March 2, 2005

Dear all, the blog is not up and I doubt it will be before I go. I’m extremely busy and have several deadlines I must meet AND I have to, by law, be a dad to my son Julian. All at the same time, PLUS I’m excited because I get to see my girl Hannah very soon and it’s been over 6 weeks since I saw her. I got a call last night from the singer of the Fuzztones. They were down the road at Lincoln Lounge Studios (one of my and Rusty’s favorite studios) and asked me to come by last night and do a guitar solo on their record. I did and everyone seemed happy. Then I found out the Fuzztones are playing in London as part of that festival thingy and they are playing the night before us, on the 26th, so I’d advise you to check them out. I was always a fan of their music so it was nice to play on their record. Ok, this is just a post-it note. Testing one-two-three. Apparently, all heaven and earth must be moved in order for the blog to be up and running. And THEN I won’t even be able to access it on the road, as I am not bringing my computer. So what I’m thinking about is having someone ring my mobile while we are on the road and getting my “post-it” notes via phone and writing it out their own way, ala David Housen (I love the way he paraphrases me… makes me sound what more intelligent than I am!)… so that’s the idea, for now, that way, we can pull some swing-voters off the fence and get them on those trains and out to the shows. My name’s Mike Randle and I approved this message.

Mike Randle


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