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The Last (Diary) Waltz

Gee, Ed “Freedom Man” Toussaint asked me to write a tour/music diary march 22th 2002, I think. And the first diary appeared a week later, with that first ‘comeback’ LOVE show at Spaceland on April 2. Well here we are 650 something diaries later and 3 years have gone by. Our friend, Gene Kraut passed away nearly a year ago and Johnny Echols is a permanent member of LOVE again. My son Julian was 2 1/2 when we decided to try this thing again and now he’s practicing his footie moves after school. Yes, the times have changed. So many people contributed in such a fantastic fashion that all the people that enjoyed what we did really had the excitement level never come down too far, thanks to those dedicated people like Scottish Keith, Lizzy, John E., Caryne, The New Guy, those great folks in Italy (wow, I sound like GW Bush!)… and everyone else who helped. THANK. YOU. VERY. MUCH.

I shall continue to write because I find it real fun and relaxing. But I’ve decided to no longer write for or on LOVE sites. It’s my decision and no one asked me or forced me to stop. I DO think I want to have more ‘wiggle room’ and the LOVE umbrella is a tight one. And I think everyone will appreciate it more, eventually. So starting next week, all my writings will be BLOGS on my site ( www.mikerandle.com ) and I invite everyone to go on a blog yer jollies off. The New Guy is going to show me how to work a blog cause I ain’t got a clue. But, by all means, help yourself to this blog, as well as continue your usual postings and things on Torben and Ed’s sites. Once the New Guy has me in the loop. It’ll be ready. And speaking of the New Guy, I think this is overdue: when I was broke and hungry and down on my luck, this guy and his wife were kind enough to feed me, and when I didn’t know where I was going to live they offered a roof over my head. Thank you for that. Again, thanks to everyone who has made the LOVE band a reality and not just a myth. We appreciate you more than words can express. Be well and see you in England!

All the best,

Mike Randle


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