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Thank Dad It’s Sunday
June 20, 2005

Not quite sure what the official date around the rest of the world is but today is Father’s Day in the USA. This morning Julian got me breakfast in bed; that is, he brought me a bowl of cheerios with milk. I was touched beyond words, it was just that cute y’know? I hope everyone had a good day like i did. Hannah and I made dinner a bit later and then watched some show on Britney Spears (yawn) and her ‘style’ or something liek that. See, when your girl wants to watch something you gotta sit down out of respect and join he and pay attention or atleast LOOK like you’re paying attention. So of course I pay attention. Or Look like it.

Now i was rehearsing some guitar parts today but i needed an accompaniment so I taught Hannah how to play a few LOVE tunes on piano (she’s a good musician with a great ear) and after i showed her, it appeared as though my guitar was tuned a ‘step higher’. by that i mean, a guitar tunes to “E” and her E on the computer was my “F sharp” so i tuned downa whole step. what i DIDNT know was that my mini-mixer that sat on the left side of the keyboard was putting pressure on the ‘pitch wheel’. the Pitch Wheel allows one to ‘bend’ notes in either direction. I NEVER use this feature but it came with the keyboard. Well, what i didnt know was that it had the entire keyboard de-pitched a whole step (1 whole tone, or 2 half tones. put it this way; from C to D is a whole step. from C to C# is a half step or half tone). So i had retuned my guitar to D and the strings DID feel a bit flimsey and now i’m afraid to retune back to E cause i make break the high E string. Dang.

Well, it’s great that Johnny E. posted about the LOVE doc. People had been emailing me asking about that and I felt it wasn’t my place to speak about it. But I did know Michael Stuart-Ware and Johnny had finally, after all those years, got to yuk it up. God bless em, eh? Couldn’t have happened to two finer men. Both those guys are class acts and i’m quite proud to call em friends of mine.

Mike Randle


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