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Bruce Gary R.I.P.
August 24, 2006

I got the news tonight from my mate, Cookiehead Jenkins, that Knack drummer, Bruce Gary, had passed away from Cancer. That was sad, as I thought of him as a good friend and I know he and Arthur Lee were close pals. Arthur would always bring up this one story about how Bruce had been given a bass by Jack Bruce that Bruce Gary sold on eBay for 6 figures!

Daddyo (always a picture of Class) has always allowed drummers to sit in on his set and play Love songs when asked and a few times let Bruce sit in on “7 & 7 IS” at the (now defunct) Coconut Teazer. Bruce was a little behind the beat but his heart was in the right place.

The last time we spoke, he rang me to remind me to let him play drums on my solo record, “Barstool Blues.” I got caught up in my schedule and it never happened, unfortunately. he was always nice to me and he was by far one of the biggest Love supporters I ever met. And he loved Arthur. they went way back. I guess it’s just not a good year for the Rock. First Billy Preston, then Syd Barrett, then Arthur Lee, and now Bruce Gary. We gotta all be thankful for what we got.

Rest In Peace Brother.

Mike Randle

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