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Between Clark And Hilldale
June 9, 2006

Well, it’s been years since I stepped foot in the whiskey, let alone PLAYED there! I’ve done dozens of shows there but some of my Faves were with us and Arthur, opening for a Doors tribute band called, oh shit… I forgot. Sorry.

well, they sounded good and Robbie K used to join them onstage and he also used to join us onstage and that was great fun – Robbie playing and singing and Arthur playing harmonica and joining in on “Roadhouse Blues.” This was back when neither guy had any press, few fans at their shows and no ego (or wee small ones!) And both were a hilarious joy to be around.

(just had this Diary interrupted by a phone call from none other than Mr. Probyn Gregory aka Pobalicious, aka, Probatussin, aka Rated PG….)

Sooooooo the super fun and exciting line-up for our set at the Whiskey Show will be Johnny Echols with Baby Lemonade with Very Special Guest, Michael Stuart! Probyn Gregory will be on the horn for the evening so expect your favorite horn licks in the spotlight!

Michael and Daddyo are switching on some songs and both guys are simply Gentlemen of Gentlemen in their respect for each other as drummers and musicians.

The show is going to be one for the ages and we all hope the NY show goes well too.

Love to all…sorry I don’t check that My Space thing… promise one day to get Hannah to show me…thanks to all who emailed the nice things!

Mike Randle


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