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Defend It Like Beckham! (And Mofo, You’ve Got Mail!)
June 13, 2006

Well, Hannah got me up at 6 bloody in the morning to watch England beat Poraguay 1 nil. Problem was, Bex scored the only score on the FIRST KICK. The rest of the game was just f*cking about. Why couldn’t he scored at the end and let me sleep for a few hours?

And since we’re on sports, Dodgers are in first place, “Nomah” is leading the league in batting and our Pitcher, Brad Penny, is 7-1 and definitely an All-Star come July. The Dallas Mavs play Shaq’s Heat tonight for game 2 (Mavs lead, 1-0) and I’m guessing Shaq is gonna come out angry and the Heat are going to kill the Mavs in Game 2. Still, look for the Mavs to win the series and send Shaq packing and blaming someone on the Heat. (Hint: Hey Shaq, you made 1 out of 9 Free Throws in game 1.)

Go Team USA! was what i wanted to say until we got our Arses handed to us by the Czechs. Well, looks like we’re going to hell in a hand basket this Cup season; suntan lotion anyone?

Ah man, and Han had me look at the Mess. Board posts re: Rusty’s letter to Mofo Magazine. Bless his heart. When I read that nonsense (the article) I actually laughed and was temped to ask them why isn’t Sid Griffin writing articles that deal with bands like Love and Baby Lemonade, as Sid actually knows the History of music and bands and blah blah blah. But I guess times is tight over there in london and ANYBODY gets that nod as long as they can stick that nose deep enough in somebody’s ass. The fact that girlfriend didn’t bother to coraborate 1 sentence goes to show you how little talent is left on everyside of the music business.

Well, it is nice that they showed people SOME OF the letter that Rusty wrote. he told me that what was printed was different (edited) from what he wrote. I’m sure Mofo did it for clarity and space and all that stuff so to help them out, i’ve included Rusty’s ORIGINAL letter to mofo magazine….

this is rusty squeezebox, guitarist from arthur lee and love. i am writing in
response to the article by andria lisle in last month’s issue. in the article,
my band baby lemonade are reffered to as “mud slingers”. After everything we’ve
been through with arthur over the last 14 years or so, i am very dissappointed
to see these words printed in your magazine. baby lemonade have done
everything to help arthur present his music to the public with integrity and precision,
and we also made sure that arthur was doing well on our time off between tours
on our own time. we have no problem with arthur playing with another band, and
we wish him the very best. it was our choice to split, and i don’t have to mud
sling to explain why. feel free to ask any Love fan about our commitment to the
music, and i mean any fan, and i’m sure you’ll find out the truth. maybe the
writer of the article could do a bit more research next time, for journalistic
integrity and all that, instead of trashing the very band that helped arthur get
back on track after his many years of incarceration. i am very dissappointed in
mojo for running this piece, as i know many of the writers and staff have been
to our shows with arthur in the past, and should well know Baby Lemonade cared
and respected the man and the music.
most sincerely,
rusty squeezebox
Santa Monica, Ca

Mike Randle


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