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Nearly That Time
June 25, 2006

Heard from Johnny the NY show went well, so that’s quite good news. How could it go bad anyways? Well, in a few days time the Whiskey show will happen. This one won’t have any stars, hope we don’t disappoint! Everyone is lookin forward to having fun and helping Arthur out. it’s also a good thing to re-connect the Love music fans with the music and some of the guys who toiled for so many years along side Arthur and played some great music along the way. It’ll be nice to do this and then get back to my life, which i enjoy very much.

Tonight (Saturday) Hannah and me are going to Brennan’s Irish pub to see the Adam Marsland Chaos Band doing Dennis and Carl Wilson songs tonight. Some good brew and some good company. Probyn is playing with them as well so i’ll catch up with Probutussin.


Mike Randle


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