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Its That Time Of Year
November 30, 2006

Well, first off I want to say a HUGE Los Angeles thanks to everyone who posted nice things and wishes for my Birthday. it’s hard to believe but I turned 40! Wow, huh? I don’t look a day over 39 if you ask me…

The LA weather has now officially turned to winter, with temp. in the mid 50’s F. And now Hannah thinks she needs a $140 coat, which has me nervous. However, she starts her new job on Monday, as an Admin. Asst. in the financial Dept. for….drum roll please… Universal Music! Go Han! So now she can shop and i can relax.

Our good pals, Cynthia Overstreet and David “Cookiehead” Jenkins are to marry tonight next door to Dodger Stadium. Me, Chap, Daddyo and Rusty have been ordered to play 3 songs (2 Love, 1 BL), as there will be gear set up and other bands and musicians jamming. Maybe we’ll youtube it! Everyone’s getting married and wouldn’t you know, Tom Cruise and katie holmes chose my birthday to do their dirty business! Shame on them!

LA is always so exciting. First off, Sasha Baron Cohen lives here so not only do we have BORAT IN DA HOUSE but apparently it was Pamela Anderson’s appearance in his Borat movie that pissed Kid Rock off so much and led to their recent divorce. Go Borat! Hiya Fiiiiive!

As you may or may not know, everyone and their mum is suing Fox over their depiction in the film. Well, i have a few pals in the legal Dept. at Fox and they pretty much told me that you haven’t seen an ironclad release form until you’ve seen a Fox release form. hey, you signed it, you got paid…sit down and shut up!

Heard Johnny went to London for the Love movie preview. heard the film was really good. maybe now Love and Arthur will get their rightful ‘due’ in this modern music world and hopefully soon, take their rightful place in the American Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Can I get an ‘Amen’???

well, here’s to everyone having a safe and blessed holiday season. With much of the madness subsiding, i think the Diary is back

Mike Randle

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