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Lucky Seven
June 26, 2006

Well, last week Julian and Hannah both had b/days. Julian turned 7 and had a wonderful day. he got a great toy from the New Guy’s 8-year-old son, Nicky, which was a superman action figure that could shoot disk at you. Julian’s also been trying his hand at the guitar. His first work-in-progress, “I hate cleaning up”, is a cross between Sonic Youth and Nels Cline. i think you can picture it.

We (what are we called? Love Baby Brian?) rehearsed yesterday and it was hard work but really special. Johnny brought Baby Lem a 12-Pack of Heineken, knowing good and well this band runs on Beer. Michael (Stuart-Ware) strolled in with cool shades and still possed that 60’s frame that you would know from the fotos and album art; same combed-down straight hair and just a swell, all around great bloke. he blasted through old Love faves like “Can’t Explain” like he never went away. Daddyo was on tambourine for the several tunes Michael is playing and it just goes to show how great people everyone is. Johnny is playing more and I am covering more vocal parts since Rusty’s singing lead. Chapple bought a new bass rig (Ashdown) and it sounds awesome. Probyn Gregory sounded slendid as well. Hey, this may not be the last of this group…

it will be great to see all the locals out to hear some tunes and what better place that the Whiskey? And when probe rips into ALL AGAIN OR solo, look out! And rumor has it, Liz McKee may be there so we’re gonna have a good old fashioned Love-in, ain’t we? Thanks to JJ for putting it together and for Pete for doing sound (free of charge…ok, for beers!) and for Russ (drummer of Devolved www.devolved.net) for bringing his Metal Talents to help out with the gear and stage stuff. it truly will be a Summer of Love. and how ironic that, on June 28, 2005, we played in SF and the Club owner actually witheld our pay after the show. we stunk (as a group) that night. Now we (as a group) are trying to give something back – not only to help Arthur (who has verbalized a huge thanks to everyone) and his very terrible delima, but to also play some great music with some great, loving people and a cool Sunset Blvrd. breeze to top the night off.

all the best,

Mike Randle


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