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The People Are The Times (Or We Liked The Part We Played In)
June 29, 2006

Well it’s nearly 2am Pacific Standard Time and me Han, Lucy, (our mate) Kate and Rusty just made it home sweet home. The Whiskey show, with attendance at about 60% full, seemed to be all about fun. Sure, it was $30 to get in but it was/is for a good cause. It’s for Arthur lee, the guy everyone who loves Love loves.

The folks there cared; they were on fire. Where was most of the city? where were the heads that woould normally pack the place?

it didn’t matter! We all had a great time. We rolled into soundcheck about 2;30. Pete got there at 3;30 and probyn at 4pm. we checked and everyone sounded great. Michael Stuart-Ware, Johnny, Baby Lemonade and Probyn Gregory…it was just all about the music, giving something to some great folks and helping Arthur beat the odds.

All the best fans were there…Larry from O.C., Cheryl from O.C., people from santa barbara, folks from the valley, Dennis and Laura Kelley (we sang happy b/day for laura’s b/day!), Gary Stewart (former Vice prez of Rhino Records, the label that re-issued the Love stuff) and a host of others.

After soundcheck, The New Guy, my pal, Russ (who roadied), and myself went to Barney’s beanery for beers and wings. England needs a Barney’s. After that TNG went home and Russ n me walked along the sunset strip…this about 6pm, looking out over the entire southern LA basin in all it’s majestic smogness, taking in the sites and the scenery…the Viper Room….and then we walked past the Whiskey…and it was on to the Rainbow…and the Roxy, where there was a rap show (Dogg pound…)…then back to the club…

Soon all the cool folks arrived…my buds from way back…my buds from yesterday. Dave Nolte (Johnny Echols called him “moltee” for fun, reminding us all how Arthur used to mispronounce his name!), Jim Mills (former Wondermints bassist and musical wizard in his own right), Andrew Sandoval, dave “cookiehead” Jenkins, Jazmaan (who did an amazing harmonica solo at Arthur’s long distance request), Michael hartman and a host of others.

all the wives were in attendance. M. Stuart-Ware brought his lovely family and all the baby lems brought there lovely wives (Traci Green, Natalie Chapple, Lucy Squeezebox, Hannah Randle)…so all in all, it was good clean fun.

We went onstage late and the acts before were good. In our set, Johnny kicked major butt. Michael Stuart-ware was on fire as well and as you can imagine, Chapple, Daddyo and Rusty took no prisoners as usual. me? I just tried to have some fun. Probyn and me were bouncing off the music, just floating.

After the last song, we all hugged and got our things and headed in our own directions. our job was done. The fans were happy and everyone was exchanging numbers (new fans with old fans) and the night seemed to mean something. All we could hope for was that Arthur was feeling that Love on stage. Something tells me he not only felt it, he played a part in it.

Mike Randle


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