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The Sound Of Music
July 2, 2006

Well, it was a truly good 90 minutes on stage with some very awesome guys and we also had a great team of helpers (Cheryl and Kyle) and a great Production by JJ. Spoke to Johnny the other day, I believe he’s going to see Arthur in a few days. Artie’s been very appreciative of everyone’s efforts and through all the mucky muck, people came together, came out and had a good time.

I forgot to mention all the time we spent backstage with Liz McKee. I don’t know how old this woman is (maybe 80?) but she looks 20 years younger than her true age and has the spirit of a teen. When we did “Old Man” I could see her tear up. She rang me yesterday and said the most wonderful things about Johnny, Michael and Baby Lemonade. She said we reflected (in her opinion) the real innocence of those songs, an innocence that was lost fairly early on. So, Liz, mucho gracias!

Dennis Kelley and his birthday daughter, Laura, were having a great time and from time to time, Larry Mercada (Spelling?) and I would share a pint (thanks Larry!) and take in Vince’s set. And being in a band, you have disagreements over backstage areas and whatnot (hey, no one wants their purses and stuff missing so it’s best to ‘keep em separated’) but, ahem….our beer was missing after the show! ANd I can laugh about it now…and the Invincibles were fun, good folks. But, since a Diary IS all about gossip, how cosmic is this? After denying any involvement in the Love Lemonade Beer disappearance incident, one member of the Invincibles was seen puking his guts right outside the front door on Sunset and Clark Streets. Hannah, our friend Kate, and I were walking to our car on Hilldale (Ha! Between….) when we saw it.

We had to make our way through some of LA’s Crips gang, as there was a Dogg Pound gig at the Roxy and all the fellas were all ‘hyped’ after hearing all those raps and tried to get mean with us but we ignored them and it’s worth mentioning that I would have been a tad nervous if there wasn’t the Sherriff’s Dept. EVERYWHERE in West Hollywood. You’d think people in a gang would reserve their nonsense for the rival gangs like in Greese but I guess that’s not how it works. But on the music front, we are one and one we are.

All the best,

Mike Randle


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