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All You Need Is Us
July 21, 2007

O.k., so now it can properly be announced:

Appearing this September 21 in Milan, Italy, will be none other than BABY LEMONADE. Yep. We are performing the entire SGT. PEPPERS record alongside the London Sinfonietta! Vocals, for now, are being handled by Mr. Rusty Squeezebox and Mr. Robyn Hitchcock. Vocal duties will more than likely get divy’d up as more ‘singers’ may apply for the job. The Keyboards are being helped by the one and only Mr. Ed Harcourt. So there you have it: Baby Lemonade, Robyn Hitchcock, Ed Harcourt and the London Sinfonietta.

This wonderful opportunity came about when the L.S. got approached to do the famous Beatles staple in honor of its 40th Anniversary. Since so many people were doing this (Cheap Trick is in LA to do THEIR Beatle tribute) album already, The Royal Festival Hall Events Coordinator contacted us and pretty much said, “Hey, when you guys did Forever Changes, you played it like what the band might have possibly sounded like had they attempted it live. But we’d never know, as they never DID it live. Same with Sgt. Peppers. How about Baby Lemonade approaching Sgt. Peppers the way you guys did Forever Changes?”

That was the conversation and I’ve been immersed in Beatles stuff ever since. David Jenkins got us the Mono mixes and loaned us Brian Kehew’s AMAZINGLY BRILLIANT BOOK, Recording The Beatles Book, which weighs a ton but gives loads of insight into that record (like the fact that Paul actually plays the solo to “Good Morning Good Morning.”

Ok, must run off to work but nice things are on the horizon. Also happened to run into Tina Winter and her family, who are in California on Holiday. Had some pints and a quick conversation and she’s up in San Francisco now…good on you Tina.

Roll on, Milan. And who knows where this may lead to…

All the Best,

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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