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But Who Does New York Love?
April 1, 2007

Well, if you are like me and Hannah then you are WAY into I LOVE NEW YORK (on VH1 in America) and you are trying to decide which bloke she’s gonna choose, as the show is down to the last 2 (from 20 or so.) The 2 unlucky, er, I mean, LUCKY guys are “Chance” and “Tango”. You couldn’t find 2 more different-same/like kinda guys if you tried.

CHANCE is so Ghetto he makes even Snoop Dog look like Karl Rove. Chance wears his baseball caps sideways (to the left), doesn’t care about nothing (or, “nuttin'”) and thinks he’s a gangsta (or thug?) Tango is beefy, boring, safe and wears his baseball cap to the right.

New York is crazy, wild and has a Mom that’s just plain insane. The Mom HATES HATES HATES “Chance” and likes “Tango.” New York likes both guys but i think she’s more into the gangsta type. But that don’t mean she’s gonna pick that gangsta, does it?

So me and Han made a bet; Hannah says she’s gonna pick “Chance” and I say she’s going for “Tango.” If Hannah wins we have to spend a Sunday lying in, going for a walk on the beach, get pedicures, read HEAT, GRAZIA, US WEEKLY, PEOPLE STARWATCH and buy her a stuffed Bear. And then we have to watch GIRLS NEXT DOOR. Oh, and eat Chocolate and Pizza. Oh yeah, and shop at H&M and Payless for Shoes.

If New York chooses TANGO (and Lord, PLEASE, make it happen), then we get to sit in and watch the game, drink beer and eat wings. Simple, ain;t it.

So that’s what’s going on here. Now, for those American Idol folks, the word on the street is to vote Sanjaya just to mess things up. Off to bed now….

all the best,

Mike Randle

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