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Tax Time A Cometh
March 25, 2007

It’s that horrible time of year, where everyone freaks out – me included. So I need to dig up my stuff, get it together and get it going. We already are paying off a huge tax bill from 2005 (when I owed over 2 grand to the IRS) with monthly payments and now that we actually have a little dosh coming back, they’ll just eat that up as part of the debt so I immediately cancelled the trip to Cabo San Lucas.

Was even contemplating getting tix for Van Halen when they were set to play the Staple Center. But then Eddie VH went into rehab so that’s on the back burner. As i mentioned before, half of LA is in rehab, the other half just got out of rehab. So that doesn’t leave too much. And everybody (Celebs) complains about the Paps and where do they go, but to the IVY where the Paps are staked out 24/7!!!! At least Paris “Air Head” Hilton eats at In-and-Out Burger. Girls gotta eat.

Hannah brought home the new Paul Stanley cd. I wasn’t too keen on it but i think i’ll try and give it another listen. there was 1 tune I thought was good but the others kinda sound like Hack “hit song” formulas, with Metal Guitars. i wish Rusty and me could have Produced and helped write Paul’s record. I think it would have been really good and fans would have been over the moon. I love Kiss and i think I know what they’ve done wrong over the last 5-10 years. Then again, they’ve gone Gold EACH RECORD THEY’VE RELEASED at the very least so what do i know? Paul may be about to break that trend. Paul (my pinky and thumb to my ear), Call me!

I am especially stoked today, as Rusty is getting me back one of my old guitars that was sitting over his brother’s house for ages. it’s an early 80’s Ibanez black Custom Tele (think Keith Richards, circa ’79) LAWSUIT ERA guitar. See, back in the early 80’s Fender and Gibson started slipping with the quality of their guitars. So Ibanez created some amazingly crafted copies of the Strat, the Les Paul, the Tele and the 335. If you are lucky enough to own one of these Axes then you know what i am talking about. And to give you an idea of what i mean:

Truetone sells a BRAND NEW Gibson Explorer for $1679.00 (about 800 GBP) but sells a USED early 80’s Ibanez Explorer COPY for $2000. See, Gibson and Fender sued Ibanez (possibly because their products were inferior and they wanted to put the fire out) and Ibanez stoped production. Fender then started coming out with more affordable, cheaply made guitars (like the Squire), which were made everywhere from Japan to Mexico. Anyone that owned a Squire in the 80’s can tell you they were hit and miss. We have some at Truetone and they are great. Some of course fell apart 20 years ago. But the Ibanez Tele is gold, to me.

See, i bought mine on my 21st birthday from Bettenham Music, on Larchmont. They were going out of business and the guy sold me the guitar and the case for about $186 (tax included.) This was possibly a time when the word on the street were that the “Copies” were sh*t and that people shouldn’t buy them. The guitar sales guy said he couldn’t give the guitar away. I happily walked away with a super sweet ax. This is the Tele that I played innitially in the early 90’s with Arthur and Love. I also played a Red Tele back then, as well as a crappy Ibanez strat copy. I played the TELE on the 96′ Europe/UK tour so if you can find any pictures then you’ll know what guitar i’m talking about.

Well, Hannah and me are about to hit up the Cinema to see “Premonition.” And then we have to go and replace the towels destroyed in the water damage. And yes, the loud heaters/fans are STILL on and are supposed to continue till Monday. Egads. Until next till….Same Bat Time, Same bat Channel….

Mike Randle

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