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I Won!  I Won!
April 3, 2007

Last night, on I LOVE NEW YORK, Tiffany Patterson (aka, NEW YAWK) chose TANGO just like a said. And CHANCE had to pack his ghetto bags and git the Eff outta dodge. And Hannah lost the bet. yep, no shoes this week. Now, if we can all get everyone to vote for SANJAYA we can make him win American Idol, which would be wicked funny.

I was working yesterday and FRank Stallone came into the Guitar shop. I know he’s Sylvester’s bro but he’s also a great Bluegrass/Bluesy guitar player. And a huge LOVE fan. We talked for a long time about Love and Arthur and Frank’s take on “fame” (if you ever catch the movie, BARFLY, Frank’s the bartender that beats up Micky Rourke like a hundred times).

Gail Ann Dorsey was in checking our a cool ’76 Fender Jazz Bass. She’s very nice and obviously (she plays with Bowie and Gwen Stefani) an amazing player. So many awesome talents come through the shop but i think my favorite guy to “chill” with (other than the hilarious Jon Brion – who refers to Truetone Music as the “Guitar Crack House”) is Colin Hay, of Men At Work fame. He’s a fantastic guy and a good songwriter. Gonna check his solo show out at Largo in a few weeks.

I just got one fo those ZOOM pedals, the inexpensive kind (the G1) which is great for working on song ideas, as it has guitar effects and a good drum machine. They make the B1 as well for basses. You can run it on batteries or plug it in. it can be used with an amp, computer or just headphones. For $70 you can go wrong. i been rocking out lately. hey, does anyone know who put my MYSPACE page up? i been wanting to access it and change the music (put some other music on it) but i don’t know squat about that myspace stuff.

till next time,

Mike Randle

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