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Hell Hath No Fury…
June 19, 2007

Mike “Bundy” at HOOTERS !!

Well, the weekend here in Los Angeles was quite warm. On Saturday, Love fan PAUL from San Diego, came down to stop by TrueTone and say hi, as well as film me (in an interview) for his music class at San Diego State College. Hannah and I went down to Venice on Sunday and got a slice of pizza each (cheese) and checked out the street performers and street vendors, which is always entertaining. We ran into my buddy, Norwood, twice in one day (once on Main Street and the second time on the Venice Bike path), and we chatted about our kids (his daughter is a few years younger than Julian but he lives down the road and so when Julian visits they sometimes play at the beach if we run into them) and how his band (Fishbone) were doing. When Hannah and I were in Las Vegas 2 weeks ago, Fishbone was playing a show for Memorial Day, and they even put a Hooters in Vegas!

But let’s rewind back a few days…let’s go back to when it was Hannah’s b/day! That was Thursday the 14th and we went for a proper Curry at Chandni, which is on Wilshire and 19th street. The next day, on Friday, we went to Hollywood and Hannah shopped at the Beverly Center while I chilled and read the LA Times (Phil Spector’s trial is as nutty as you can imagine)….later we went home and Rusty made homemade pizzas and we watched VH1’s Best Week Ever! (if you never watched BWE you are TOTALLY missing out…) but Hannah’s b/day was good fun and she got some nice gifts from me (vouchers to a her favorite shopping spots, flowers and stuff), as well as gifts from her family back in the UK and phone calls from family and friends. All in all, a good one!

So monday rolled on and the Guitar shop is always a laugh,as all the guys there are funny and easy going. It’s always nice when rare or hard to find guitars come in used, like today, an early 80’s Hohner black tele deluxe copy with 2 PAF Gibson Pick-ups. This guitar plays like a charm and you figure it probably has a wonderful history. Another ‘sleeper’ is the 5 watt tube amp Crate makes, called the 58V series amp. this amp sounds awesome. Hannah has had the car this week so i caught a bus after work (caught bus at 8:50, home by 9pm), which is super short ridin’. She was in teh middle of watching a show called, GET THIS: “Ex Wife’s Club.”

This really bad show features to totally boring gals, Shar Jackson (Kevin Ferderline’s Ex-Wife!) and Donal Trump’s ex Gold Digger, Marla Maples. Now, what these two bitter hacks do is find 2 divorcees who are really still hung up on their lame ex-husbands and want to pay them back by either destroying their property or chasing them down and pointing cameras and yelling what such bums they are to their face. In tonight’s episode, one of these women (who’s husband had cheated on her in his boat with some flewzy who helped destroy their marriage) helped Shar and Marla pour gasoline on the bloke’s boat and then left a trial leading from the dock to where the boat when after they turned the engine on.

The thing was blown to bits and Shar jackson chased him down later that night and left the rudder on his doorstep. Now, if that’s not psychob*tch mode i don;t know what is…but then the poor gal (who’d gone through cancer it was revealed at this point) tried to hook up with some guy on a singles date thing. But the guy didn’t hang around, which made me wonder if he had a boat and heard ahead of time that these chicks blow boats up?

Who knows. i know it’s not gonna happen to me (Hannah just mentioned that if she winds up in that club – which she’d NEVER! – but if she did, the boat would be my guitar! I told her, if she was in that club, my guitar would deserve it…)..But all in all, the summer is shaping up.

All the Best,

Mike Randle

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