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Love Story Film
June 25, 2007


England, 2006, 110 min
North American Premiere

Directed By: Chris Hall,
Mike Kerry
Producer: Chris Hall
Cinematographer: Simon Robinson
Editor: Kim Gaster
Music: Love
Featuring: Arthur Lee, Johnny Echols, Kenny Forssi, Bryan Maclean, Alban Snoopy Pfisterer, Michael Stuart-Ware

Yesterday, along with many other people, I saw the Film LOVE STORY at the Los Angeles Film Festival. I thought the film was really well made and told a wonderful, albeit short, story. it was too bad Gene Kraut or Don Conka were not around to be a part of it, as they would have made it even better.

Still, I had a great time and it was good seeing so many nice Love fans, as well as David Nolte and his wife, Kristi, and Michael Stuart-Ware, his son and his wife. Afterwards some of us had dinner with (Film Maker) Chris Hall and Diane Lee, which was a good curry (but not as good as England!)

I’ll write more on all this tomorrow (tuesday), as i’ve got to run to work.

I hope everyone is doing fine. Also worth noting: i got an email from Scully! Long time, brother, long time.

All the Best,

Mike Randle

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