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Baby Lemonade Tour
April 22, 2008

I was looking over the Baby Lemonade UK tour list and,my lord, I’ve been to these places, i was thinking. And i’ll see some old, familiar faces and it will be so special. We are really working hard to make this series of concerts VERY memorable. Very fun, very special. We’re talking like 30+ songs, 2 sets with a 15 minute intermission between sets. We were thinking of pulling out some Love songs that we never played onstage before, which would be fun. ‘Nice to Be’ has always been one of my faves. I remember doing Robert Montgomery in Australia once and it was awesome. Can’t remember doing it too many times (it’s a DIFFICULT song to play) and I had to call Jay Donnellan way back when and ask him because I couldn’t nail that ‘off’ Rythym and he actually said BLem played it probably closer to how it should have been played. So go figure…

So, looking at the venues we’ll play, we feel honored and touched to be able to perform in front of people and play our hearts out. Rusty has become quite the lead guitarist so watch for him to bust out some leads.

Now I know we’re doing Swansea on the 16th. Last time we played there (2004?), we played Patti Pavillion. Sort of a gym by the sea. Nice area and isn’t Catherine Zeta-Jones there? Is everyone from Wales named ‘Jones’? (Hannah’s half Welsh and her family’s surname is….yep, Jones). Love fan, Alun, told me the unofficial most popular name in Wales is Alan Jones. Our Welsh promoter is Alan Jones. I guess it’s true. Wait…..there’s Tom Jones as well!

From there, we hit up Southampton’s wonderful THE BROOK on the 17th. OK, we love this place. it’s always been like a cool place where we could chill and feel the music. Southampton is a great creative town and the Brook is most certainly a wonderful neighborhood place. There’s a few bars down the road, as well as a proper Kebab shop about 1/2 mile from venue.

We skip the 18th (it may get booked…probably will…the venues have been excited and people have already started purchasing tix) since it’s empty and figure we’ll BBQ somewhere or have a Curry with Richard “No Fizzy Keg Shite” Meehan. Now, Richard likes his curries HOT so it’s wise to stick the Loo Roll in the freezer just in case. And the show after that is….

October 19, at the SCALA! One of our fave clubs. last time we played here a real loser stole Arthur’s tamborine. And we’d hired one of Porcupine Tree’s completely useless roadies to help us out. Lot good THAT did. Scala has a great pub right round the corner so, after the gig, let’s all go for a pint, shall we? Kebabs round King’s Cross are especially dodgy.

October 20 is Baby Lemonade’s HOME away from HOME and one of Arthur’s fave places (outside London and Brighton). We are playing….Fibbers! (where else?). This could truly be billed as Baby Lemonde’s ‘triumphant return’ to Fibbers, as our very first Baby Lemonade UK gig EVER was played here, back in May, 1996. And this is right there in the nest of our best mates homes, of which we’ll bug them for room and board. (oh, btw, this is the POOR tour. If you have a home and want some musicians to crash for the night and DON’T have cats, please let us know. We do dishes and also Rusty is an amazing cook and Chapple does a mean Grilled Trout on Hickory Wood Stick thing on the BBQ). Fibbers here we come! My FAVE Kebab stand right on fringe of City Centre. Now, if i could only kick all those York lads out of line….

Oct. 21 is the Liquid Rooms of Edinburgh, only a cobblestone’s winding road up the hill from the Last Drop, one of my fave pubs (Kose had issues with their Irish Coffee but you know, Kose has issues, period…). We all love this club and the funny thing is the dressing room is an outside walk from the venue so if it’s cold (and er, it WILL be in october…duh), you have an ugly walk to the stage. Arthur loved the Liquid rooms. hated that walk to the stage. Kebab stand about 70 yards from Last Drop Pub where road forks going opposite of pub.

Oct. 22 is my cousin, Chene’s birthday. We’re playing Club ABC2 and it should be really fun. Our buds in Teenage Fanclub and Belle & Seb. usually come out if they’re in town. Glasgow is what some people would call the Scottish Cali west coast. People are so into music, real music.

Oct. 23 is Manchester University…always a fun show plus the after party at Big Hands Pub (HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!) is always full of surprises and good music. Kebab stand 3 doors down from Big Hands, btw.

Oct. 24…..ah…Sheffield’s BOARDWALK! This is another of our fave pubs to play in the world. Sheffield (like most Yorkshire folk), is interesting, mellow and unassuming. I’ve always dug Sheffield and have found Fish and Chippies, cheap (but GREAT) Pubs and kebabs quie easily. Rusty’s missez is from Sheffield as well so we’ll have all her mates there!

Oct. 25…is MILTON KEYNES! I know, everyone thinks i hate MK but not true. Stables is one of my fave Theatres, as well as the band. We plan to do an even more special show there, since its a theatre and everyone has to sit. I do know there’s a nearby town called STONE something or another. It’s REALLY old and has cobble stones. If you know of a decent Kebab joint, holla.

Oct 26…OFF! Sleep all day!

Oct 27…Cambridge Junction. PLayed here about twice i think? I really like this place. And there’s a kebab cart right out back that’s amazing. Also had some dang good Chinese food with Gene here.

Oct 28…Norwich Arts Center. I remember playing this gig and i also remember a laundry mat next to it. This is a Univ. gig, no? Still, If Norwich can make alan partridge, Norwich can make Baby Lemonade.

Oct. 29…Wolverhampton, The Robin. Now, Robert Plant, being a HUGE Love/ Arthur fan, came to our W’Ham shows whenever he could make them. Bobbie P loved and respected Arthur and Arthur felt exactly the same way. Also, Kebab shop is pretty much across the street from venue.

Oct. 30…Brighton’s Komedia. Now, have never been here but I am looking forward (as is the rest of the band) to playing here. We all Love Brighton (it’s like the UK version of a California bay town) and will usually forgo the kebab for a proper Fish and Chippie, HOWEVER, if it’s late, all bets are off…

Oct. 31…no gigs this day AND it’s the Chapple’s wedding Anniversary!

Nov. 1…Bristol’s Fleece and Firkin. Had a lot of fun with that name. “Who the firkin you think you is?” Great pub next door with a decent Shep’s pie. Don;t know the kebab around there. Love the Fleece’s high stage as well. makes the music sound better methinks.

OK, if you know these places and you know a BETTER kebab or better ANYTHING, please let me know!

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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