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April 19, 2008

Someone asked me the other day why I am not writing more frequently, of why I am not returning phone calls or emails as quickly. I am soooo sorry about that. To say I have been busy is to put it lightly. Not only am I working fulltime in a guitar shop, but i have been filling in on guitar for the English Beat for about 4 weeks now. It got a bit too much and so i had to back off a bit but i still do some local gigs with them but it looks as though Lynval (from the Specials) is taking over my gig after I finish the next 2 weeks of shows with the. Lynval is awesome and hey, i feel honored! Dave Wakeling and the rest of the E-Beat guys are simply great guys and fun to play with.

Baby Lemonade have been writing a new record. We go into the studio to make it sometime June/July and it should be ready, mixed and bakery fresh by September. We are also working on the fat set list that we’ll be performing in the UK (30+ songs), which will include 2 sets, seperated by a short intermission. We’ll be blending Love material with Baby Lemonade material (at least 17 Love tunes) and will also do a more ‘mini-me’ version (like a show with a total 15 songs) around LA in possibly some secret and not-so-secret shows.

More on that (or not more on that) coming soon!

Mike Randle

baby lemonade

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