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April 24, 2008

My first visit to Denmark was in May, 1996. Arthur Lee & Love (as we were known back then, years before Arthur decided to change it to “Love with Arthur Lee”) were set to begin our european summer tour in Odense, Denmark. Odense is an Island and you should probably google it because you’ll learn more than I can tell you. And Odense was set to be the first gig of that tour. I fell in love with Denmark immediately, as it still sits with me as the free-est nation I have ever been. And i live in the USA. Heck, I love in The People’s Republic of Santa Monica! Trust me, Denmark is F-R-E-E. People are mellow, time goes slowly. It’s nice. The food is good, travel is easy.

So, we walk into the club for sound check and are immediately met by a nice guy who is sort of a cross between (and i mean this respectfully) Freddy Fender and Borat. Of course, the only pix i can find of Torben is when his hair is cut! Arrrgh!


But Torben was great then and has been wonderful to us in every subsequent visit to Denmark and well we all want to thank Torben for all the work he’s done and his dedication to the site. Diane and I were just talking about the people who have done so much and asked for nothing in return and, my friends, Torben ranks right at the top.

So, T.S., this bud’s for you, my brother.

Mike Randle

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