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March 9 2009

Or is it “Brains for Beer”? I dunno! Mike “Dukie” Anderson (Wales’ favorite son!) sent this photo of me and Chaps nursing a couple of pints of the Welsh brew, “Brains”. See, every time we’d come to Wales our bus would pull in and we’d inevitably see Dukie walking up with a bag. Inside the bag was usually a bunch of cans of Brains – enough for each guy to have 2. Naturally cold (Wales is always friggin cold!)and a nice Welsh Bitter to wash down some vinegar and salted chips. Ah, the good ‘ol days!

I had a copy of LOVE STORY but gave it away to a fan who didn’t have the money to pick one up (they are expensive here, as they are IMPORTS…there is no USA distributor for the film…what a travesty!) so I am gonna go down to Freak Beat records and buy another copy, which I am happy to do.

I’ve been wanted to somehow get Rusty this seasons LOST somehow put on to DVD because he can’t seem to get it on his computer in Sheffield and he aint got Sky. If anyone tapes these things and knows how to put it on DVD, please let me know. Maybe there’s something cool we can trade for.

Thanks to everyone who has bought a Hussey Tonal Overdrive (HTO) or the new Two-Timing Hussey (TTH), which is a double Loop Selector (which allows you to have pedals outside your chain and pull up when needed, all with True Bypass! Yes, just like Momma usta make!)

Ok, there’s my pitch. Hannah and I are going on a drive up PCH today, as it appears to be quite a nice one. Friday Scottish Keith arrives and he’ll wreak all sorts of havic on Santa Monica (and our home!) After that, i’m dropping his arse off at the Brian Jonestown guys pad and then Hannah and me head off to Burbank to pick Julian up (who flies in from NYC). After Julian stays with us for Spring Break, Hannah’s mate from Yeovil, Dave, comes to visit. THEN, Hannah’s mum, Leigh, arrives. Her mum is gonna shop and go to the beach if I know her at all! She’s a lot of fun and it’s always great to see her.

Well, we are still in our slight cold spell here in Los Angeles (lows about 49F, highs about 62F) and it’s been rather nippy since late December, quite a bit of rain and some chilly winds. Hopefully there’ll be some water in the rivers up in the mountains, as we always seem to be in a draught here in California.

Well, it’s still nice to be here.

Mike Randle

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