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March 9 2009

Scottish Keith

David Jenkins is in the studio all week so I am covering one of his shifts (Friday) so I can’t pick Keith up from the Airport. But I did give him directions on how to take the free LAX shuttle to the Bus Stop across Lincoln and catch the #3 Santa Monica BIG BLUE BUS for 75 cents (what recession?)

Hannah should be home about 30 min. after Keith lets himself in and then I’m home around 7pm. The weather’s been gorgeous lately and with the time change, the sun is setting about 7:30 now so I walk home a lot of times (about a 20 min. walk).

We’re taking Keith out to the Trip friday night to see 3 bands, all of whom have members that work with me at the guitar shop. The Trip usta be THE BITTER REDHEAD but someone bought it and foolishly changed the name. But the folks who work there are very nice and the bands that are playing are: SLEEP TOWEL at 8:45 (feat. my co-worker, Trent Baron), the Awe-Inspiring FIRE AT PLAY (feat. my co-worker, Chris Lopez) and the wildest band on the Westside, SURGEON MARTA (feat. my co-workers, Ireland’s Shane O’Reilly and Los Feliz’s Louis Castillo). Not-to-be-missed, ya’ll.

Mike Randle

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